MODOT LPA Pre-Qualified

  • Pipeline Surveying
  • Bridge Surveying
  • Railroad Surveying
  • ALTA/ ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Construction Staking
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Property Monumentation
  • Aerial Surveying
  • Mortgage Surveys
  • Condominium Surveys
  • GIS Surveying
  • Plats of Highway
  • Right of Way Surveying
  • Forest Dept. of Conservation Preserve Surveys

Professional Surveying Services

  • We provide topographic surveying for project development and design.
  • We provide boundary surveying in accordance with Missouri and ALTA/ACSM standards for private and public usage.
  • We provide GPS and geodetic control surveys
  • We provide construction layout and staking for all of the following:
    • Bridge Construction
    • Water Line and System Construction
    • Road Construction
    • Building Construction
    • Site Grading and Construction
    • Sanitary Sewer Construction
    • Railroad Construction
    • Storm Sewer Construction
    • Any other type of project construction
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